Thursday, April 29, 2010

In the Beginning...

I'm starting this website to help all my friends and family who keep asking me how I have managed to save so much money on my groceries bills recently.

In this website I will get you linked with the websites I use and try and assist you in finding all the coupons that I have been able to access. Please, if you have questions feel free to post them so I can answer them, as I am sure everyone will have the same questions. Please don't be shy.

First off, for those who don't know me and may stumble upon this site. I am a married mother of three, and have two dogs. My husband is the sole bread winner currently in our home. With the current economic times I knew I needed to do something to stretch all of our dollars. We have struggled financially especially in the past couple of years, and no matter what I did I couldn't get our monthly expenses down. I was working for quite awhile but had to leave my job, which cut our income by more than half. Back in October 2009, a friend of mine introduced me to couponing. I have to say I was quite hesitant as I believe most are, but let me assure you once you catch the "couponing bug" and the addiction that follows you will wonder how you ever went this long without using coupons before.

I will post another blog describing my fears/beliefs of couponing before I became addicted and now save my family $100s of dollars each month, which turns into $1000s every year.

I promise you will begin saving at least 40-50% immediately. And you will eventually be able to save up to 75% to 95% off your monthly grocery bill. But please understand this does not happen overnight. I will go into more detail later about how to go about this and step by step. But I promise every step of the way you will be more and more excited because you continue to save more and more.