Monday, May 3, 2010

Be Patient

Today's topic is "Be Patient". I think when we first start using coupons we are excited, and ready to start saving, and as soon as we get a high value coupon in our hands we are tempted to run out and use it right away. But, it's good to sometimes sit on it and just wait for a REALLY good deal. Granted this does depend on a couple of circumstances:
  • One is expiration date
  • Two how great your need is for the particular item.
If the coupon is expiring soon and you haven't used it yet and its an item you need or could use, look around for the best deal or price and then use the coupon, especially if it is a high value coupon. Low value coupons may or may not be worth trying to use, again unless of course it is something you are in need of. Don't feel obligated to use a coupon just to use it.

If you are in need of a particular item and there isn't a great sale or no sale at all, then yes, I would suggest using it, it's better to save a little then nothing at all. BUT if you have multiple coupons, I would only use one of them and hang on to the other one to try and use along with a great sale.

1. Be Patient - wait for a great sale before running out to use the coupon
2. Use a coupon without sales only if expiring &/or if you are in need of the item.
3. Don't feel obligated to use a coupon just to use it.

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