Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daily Topic: Cherish, Organization, & Donate

I was just talking to a friend about something she was doing and I was doing in the beginning, and both of us have learned an important lesson, and wanted to share this with all of you.

Do NOT throw away any of your coupons! Hold on to all of them. Also, word of wisdom I don't recommend clipping your coupons until you need them. Keep them in their original form and file them away by date and source. All the resources I send you, everything will be listed with all coupons based on their date and source (i.e. A coupon for Dove Deodorant: found in SS (smart source) on 5/9). You can then go back and pull out your SS from Sunday 5/9 and find the coupon and clip it out.

But back to my original point. Don't throw away any coupons until they expire. You will be amazed at things you never bought prior, but you can get them for REALLY cheap if not free on some deals, and even times make money. So, you may not use them but you can always throw them into a donate box. I now will get things that I may not ever need or use but will give them away to those less fortunate, or even animal shelters (which are always in need).

So, hang on to all your coupons! Organize them based on date & source! Donate items you don't need or want!

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