Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Grocery Game

I know that I a lot of sites related to coupons, and all of them are more than worth their weight in gold. Now I am recommending a site that you have to pay for, in most cases I wouldn't do this only because there are a lot of good sites for free, but I think in the beginning of learning how to use coupons effectively and efficiently I believe The Grocery Game is a great place to start. Even though you have to pay, it is a low fee for all the savings you will redeem from this site. It is $10 for the first list and then $5 for each list after. Right now I would recommend just getting two lists from your favorite stores. She also offers a lot of insight on coupons and how to get good deals. She also has the percentage you will save which will help you in deciding what items are worth stocking up or just need items.

Now - let me tell you a couple cons of this site. She only matches with coupons that are found in Sunday's paper & from the basic coupon sites online. She does not match with competitors (if your store takes competitors) nor does she use coupons from the MF site directly. These are things you'll need to take into account when reviewing her lists. She may have coupons listed on there but not the higher value ones, always be sure to use the higher value :).

When you signed up be sure to tell them who referred you, I believe you have to give them my email address. The one I used for that site was (note: I don't use this for personal emails, and rarely check that account anymore, so do not email me, I won't receive it).

Go to The Grocery Game today, you get a four week trial and can cancel any time.

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