Saturday, May 1, 2010

High Priced Coupon & Multi-Prints

Check out I Heart Publix. They have a great coupon for Oscar Meyer Deli Meat. Be sure to print off a couple of coupons, if you have more than one computer in your home, print from both or all computers. I believe the alloted number of times is twice per computer. There is also a link to print off Publix (Store Qs) for Kraft products, I would recommend looking through and printing items off you may use.

It's important to try and get as many coupons as possible so you are able to stock up when there is a great deal involved. Also, meat freezes well, so you can freeze lunch meat.

An important note, do not over buy, just be sure to buy enough for a couple months. Sales will come back around you'll be able to stock up again.

From my understanding of the blog at, there was some match-up coupons (Definition: these are Qs that can be combined with another Q; Store Qs match with Manufacture (MF) Qs). However, from what I am reading my other reader comments this isn't the case. I will get back with you on this one and let you know if there match-up Qs for this MF Q.

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