Sunday, May 16, 2010 - More earnings for your coupons

I wanted to encourage all of you to sign up for Click on the banner above. I've beeing doing for about a month now. But one feature I just learned about is that they have on their site and if you print your coupons from there and use yours coupons you print, you get an extra $.10 for everyone you use. I think that is an amazing deal. I've just started doing this, so I thought I would tell you guys about it. I take a few surveys here and there, but mostly I just get paid for opening emails they send me. I have had no issues with them. Everything has been very secure. And I've earned a little over 20 dollars now. Plus if you click on the link above and sign up you get a free $5. I believe when you make $30 they cut you a check. You won't get rich quick or anything but hey free money every once in awhile is great. Plus it boosts your coupons a bit as well.

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