Monday, May 3, 2010

Intro to SwagBucks

I have received a few questions regarding SwagBucks and will try and answer many of them here. Swagbucks is just another search engine site, but while you are searching you can win Swagbucks, not every search, I usually win Swagbucks a couple times a day, and usually around 10-12 each, a total of around 20 swagbucks a day. There are other ways of earning swagbucks aside from searches you purchases different items, or take quizzes, also you'll want to download the SwagBucks Toolbar, you'll win a few Swagbucks daily just for having the toolbar downloaded. When you are at the SwagBucks homesite at the top there is a "Toolbar" button you can click on and it will take you from there on how to download it.

Also, another daily free win is by going to the homepage of Swagbucks, click on "Ways To Earn", click "Special Offers", then the screen at the top reads "GET SWAGBUCKS with Special offers", right below that heading it has two options to choose from: Sign Up For Limited Time Offers And Earn Swag Bucks OR View Our No Obligation Offers And WIN Swag Bucks, click this one. It will take you through a series of offers, please to note, you do NOT have to accept any of the others, I think there's around 6 offers, just skip or say no, after you go through them you'll come to a screen and usually you win between 1-4 Swagbucks. I would say on a given day you can earn between 21-25 SwagBucks, and it only takes 450 to win a $5 gift card, which I managed to do in less then two weeks time.

Right now for signing up you get 50 free swagbucks, just use the code SWAGNATION5 plus this week is double SwagBucks week, meaning you could easily win 50 and upwards of Swagbucks a day.

Search & Win

Start Searcing and Start Earning!

Please if you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment.

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