Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Trip to Winn Dixie (5/8/10) - Saved 90%

Yesterday I went to Winn Dixie. I don't shop there often unless I know I can score some really good deals. They don't accept competitor coupons nor do they offer any of their own coupons, so it's hard to score great deals unless you're looking. But last night I did good, and was quite excited!

(Winn Dixie has a special going on that if you spend $30 in P&G products you will get a $10 MF-Q back- keep in mind this is BEFORE sales and Qs, so it is easy to spend $30)

Here's the breakdown:

3- Mr. Clean with Febreeze ($3.49ea):
On sale for 2/$5
Q: -$2/3
PAID: $1.83ea

1- Tide Stain Release 18pc ($6.99):
On sale for $5.99ea
Q: -$3/1
PAID: $2.99

1- Tide Concentrated Detergent ($8.99)
On sale for $5.99
Q: -$1/1
PAID: $4.99

1-Dawn plus Hand Renewal ($3.19)
On sale for: $2.79
Q: -$.50/1
PAID: $2.29

1- Febreeze Air Effects ($2.99)
On sale for 2/$5 ($2.50)
Q: -.$50/1
PAID: $2.00

2- Gillete Body Wash for Men ($4.49ea)
On sale for: 2/$6

My Out Of Pocket (OOP) was $18.78, but I received a $10 MF Q to use on my next shopping trip, & a $5 Grocery Q (both from the Catalina), making my total for all these items only $3.78. Keep in mind I can use both of those Qs I got back in the end at either Winn Dixie or Publix, so for me that is just as though they gave me cash back.

I saved just over $39!! Making that a 90% savings!


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