Friday, May 14, 2010

Produce & Meat Savings

I thought I would make a list of produce sales that are worth buying this week. I have placed a direct link to each of the individual stores. Hope this helps!

Florida Sweet Corn: 8/$2

Strawberries: 2/$5

Eat Smart Veggies: 2/$5 + Coupon (-$.50/1)

White Mushrooms: $2.69

I personally think Winn-Dixie's produce sales this week are better:

Cucumbers: 2/$1

Vine Rip Tomatoes: $1.99lb

Vidalia Sweet Onions: $2.99lb

Winn-Dixie Carrots: 2/$1

Green Onions: 2/$1

Cut Watermelon: $.69lb

1lb Strawberries: 2/$5
2lb Strawberries: $2.99* This is the better deal

Sweet Corn: 3/$1

Red Seedless Grapes: $1.48lb

Blackberries: 2/$3

Blueberries: 2/$5

Mini Carrots or Broccoli: 2/$3

Kroger also has a great sale on Amick Farms Chicken Breasts: $1.88lb - this is stock up price!

I am sure many of you haven't shopped at Sedanos, there are a few in the Orlando area and I have to say I am becoming a fan. Especially of their meat and produce sales. If you are close enough to one I would suggest trying them out. They are clean and have some really good deals. Here's a list of both produce & meats on sale at Sedanos. Even if you are within 15 minutes it might be worth a trip out. They have some pretty good prices on meats and produce this week.

Red Potatoes (4lbs): 2/$3

Fresh Carrots: 2/$.99

Fresh Pineapple: $1.89ea

Blueberries: $1.99ea

Cucumbers: 4/$.99 (only $.25ea)

Fresh Broccoli: $.99ea

Tomatoes: $.99lb

Whole Chickens/Fryers: $.49lb

Fresh Pork Loin Top Loin Boneless: $1.99lb (This is a great price!)

Turkey Wings or drumsticks: $1.89lb

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