Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Week's Grocery Trips & Savings

I thought I would start posting on here my weekly grocery trips and the savings I have. Because I want you to all be encouraged and know that with practice and effort you can get to the same place I am now with all my savings.

Please keep in mind when reviewing all this, that it takes time and effort to get to these kind of savings. I have been couponing for 8 or 9 mths now and am finally reaching a great point where I am getting the true savings. I have a large stockpile, enough to last me & my family anywhere from 6-8 weeks, which now allows me to be even pickier about how and what I buy. My needs list is VERY short if not non-existence most times. As I keep saying as your Stockpile goes up and your Needs List goes down, your savings will increase!

My monthly grocery budget for 7 people is $300 right now (that works out to $75 a week), this includes meat, eggs, & milk. Here's the break down:

Saturday (May 15, 2010): Spent $33.21 - Saved over $40)

Target: (Spent $13.21, saved over $40)

I broke this up into 3 Transactions to maximize my Out Of Pocket (OOP) savings.

1st Transaction:
2 Schick Hydro 3 Razors (6.99ea) - $13.98
Q: -$5/1 (2) from
OOP: $3.98 Recieved a $5 Target Gift Card

2nd Transaction
2 Raid Bug Max Barriers (7.99ea) - $15.98
Q: -$3/1 (2) & Target Q from SS 5/9 for a free $5 GC for buying 2 Raid Max Barriers
Used the $5 GC from previous transaction
OOP: $4.98 - Received a $5 Target GC

3rd Transaction:
1 Armour All Wheel Protectant - on sale for $6
1 Armour All Wipes - $4.45
Q: -$3/2 Armour All Products & a Mail In Rebate (MIR) for Armour All Wheel Protectant

1 Kleenex Brand Hand Towels - $2.99
Q: -$1/1 MF & -$1/1 Target Q

Used the $5 GC from previous transaction
OOP: $4.25

Total OOP for this shopping trip was $13.21 (for $53.40 worth of groceries)
Total Saved for this shopping trip was $40.19, that's a 75.3% Savings!

*Plus I'll be receiving a $6 MIR from Armour All (which I already mailed in), which then brings my total oop to $7.21, with a 86.5% savings.*

Farmers Market:

I then headed over to the Farmer's Market and bought the following items for $20 even:

3 Tomatoes
2 Melons
1 Watermelon
2 bunches of HUGE strawberries
1 bunch of asparagus
2 Yellow Onions

And let me tell you all of the items I bought were AMAZING!! None of the fruit lasted for more than 2 hours, it was all eaten up immediately. It was so good, I wish I got more. Next weekend ;)

Sunday (May 16, 2010): Spent $24 - Saved over $210)

Today was a great shopping day. Mind you, yesterday I broke my ankle so my fabulous hubby assisted me in shopping trip. I needed to go today because I had a $5 competitor coupon that expired today and wanted to include it in my savings (of course).


I am not going to list every single coupon here, it would just take a lot of time, but for a complete list of coupons you can head over to I Heart Publix, click here, for a match to all the items on sale. I will list the prices and what I paid for each item. (ie: Retail or Sale Price/What I Paid)

6-Advil PM (16ct): (5.49ea/$.49ea)
Q: (6) -3/1 Store Q & (6) -2/1 MF

2-Eat Smart Veggies (2 for$4/ $1.50ea)

8-Sweet Corn (8 for $2/ 8 for $2)

2-Maxwell House (11 or 11.5 oz) (BOGO for $4/$1.50ea)

6-M&Ms Party Bag (15.4-19.2oz) (BOGO for $4.64/$.77ea)

2-Fresh Express Salad Blends (BOGO for $4/BOGO for $4)

4-Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (BOGO for $5.99/$2ea)

2-Blue Diamonds Almonds (BOGO for $3.10/$1.10 for two)

1-Flintstones Multivitamins (50 or 150ct) ($5.99/$4.99)- Normally these are $7.99

3-Schick Hydro Gel ($1.49ea/-$1.53
Q: -$1/1 MF & -$1/1 Store Q (I made money on these)

2-Beneful Snacks (2 for $7/FREE) Normally these are $4.99 ea
Q: (2)-$2.50/1 Store Q & (2) -1/1 MF (making these FREE)

4- Tornados (2 for $4/$.50ea)
Q: (2) B1G1 MF & (2) -1/1 MF

We got a couple other misc items, but I don't have my receipt on me right now, I think I left it in the car. But after a $5 competitor coupon and couple other $10 coupons, my final total was $19.91. I saved just over $147, (for practicality reasons let's just say I spent $20 and saved $147), which then means I saved 86.4%!!

CVS: (Bought $60.03, OOP was $10.67, got back $6 in Extra Care Bucks (ECB))
I broke my cart up into 4 Transactions to maximize my Out Of Pocket (OOP), here's how I did it: (Also note I have not spoken about CVS and how to save here yet, there is a strategy to shopping and maximizing your savings, but how I did it below should give you a good idea). For a break down of everything please visit Money Saving Madness & The Prudent Patron's websites. I also used The Grocery Game's List as well. (please if you sign up for this site, which I highly recommend, please tell them I sent you and use my email address

I started with $15 in ECBs & $20 Cash
1st Transaction:
1- Scott's Select a Size ($4.99/$4.99)
2- Herbal Essences (4.29ea/$3.29ea + $4.00 ECB received)
Used $7 ECB
OOP: $2.69
Saved: $15.60

2nd Transaction:
1- Mennen Speed Stick ($3.99/$2.49 + $2.00ECB received)
1 - Colgate Pro-Clinical Toothpaste ($3.99/$1.99 + $2.00ECB received)
1- Blade Razor ($6.99/$6.99 + $6.99ECB received)
Used $7ECB & $4ECB from previous transaction
OOP: $2.38
Saved: $14.50

3rd Transaction:
2- Dawn Liquid Detergent ($1.99ea/$.59ea)
1- Mennen Speed Stick Deodorant ($3.99/$2.49 + $2.00ECB received)
1- Cologate Pro-Clinical Toothpaste ($3.99/$1.99 + $2.00ECB received)
1- Band-Aid & 1 ($4.49/$3.49)- Neosporin Product ($6.49/$5.49) + $3ECB Received
Used a total of $8.99ECB from previous transaction
OOP: $5.21
Saved: $19.30

4th Transaction:
1- TG Lee Milk ($3.39/$2.39)
Q: -1/1 MF - Click Here for TG Lee Coupon
Used $2.00ECB from previous transaction
OOP: $.39 (yes we only paid 39 cents for milk!!!)
Saved $3.00

Saved a total of $52.40 & my OOP was $10.67 but I ended up with $6ECBs, meaning I only spent $4.67 for $63.07 worth of groceries.

I ended with $6 in ECBs & $9 Cash!

If you look over my transactions I not only broke my transactions up into 4 transactions to roll over my ECBs, but I strategically bought everything in a particular order to maximize my savings. I'll use my $6ECBs for my next shopping trip.

***My Weekly Totals**
Spent: $57.39 (still have $17.21 left over)
Saved: $247
Percentage Saved: 77%

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