Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly Grocery Totals

This month I am limiting my budget to $300/mth for my family of 7 (I have three kids, my husband, myself, and we have my husband's cousin and his wife currently living with us).

First let me say for years for just the five of us our monthly grocery budget ranged from 600-700/mth. Now that I have been using coupons my budget dropped to $350, and this month I plan to limit it to $300/mth. Here are my budget goals for the rest of the year:

May 2010: $300/mth

July 2010: $280/mth

August 2010: $250/mth

September 2010: $230/mth

October 2010: $210/mth

November 2010: $200/mth

Yep, by Nov. of this year I plan to have a grocery budget of only $200/mth. And I do believe this is absolutely possible.
On to my grocery weekly totals:

Monthly Budget: $300
Weekly Spent: $57.01 MTD: 57.01
Weekly Saved: 89.46 MTD: 89.46 Percentage Saved: 61.06%
  • CVS: Milk $3.39
  • Winn Dixie: $12.00
  • Target: 27.00
  • Dollar General: $0.00 (got 2 free things of Glass Plus)
  • Publix: 14.62

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