Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coupon Fraud

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment and stress the importance of how much I do not condone coupon fraud. Which means a couple of things. One- do NOT EVER copy any of your coupons, no matter how tempting this may be. I want to stress that if you have more than one computer to print from that is fine, but under NO circumstances should you ever copy your coupons. The rise in coupon fraud is up right now, and it is so important that in order for us all to continue to use coupons and receive the kind of deals that we do, it is so important to remain honest and legit when using them in the proper way. We need to follow the stores' policies as well as the manufacture's policies. Manufacturer's keep track of the serial numbers and can track copied coupons back to the computer where they were printed, and you can be prosecuted for this.

Another area of concern is that if you come across a coupon that seems too goo to be true, especially on the internet, more than likely it is!! Be aware of ones that say FREE with no purchase, and especially ones that come in a PDF form. Occasionally, we will come across these that are legitimate. If you ever question the legitimacy of a coupon one of two things, feel free to ask me, and/ or two-- just don't use it.

My husband was given some coupons a couple weeks ago that seemed to good to be true and I questioned them. And then tossed them away, later came to find out they were fakes! I was happy I went with my gut on them. I do everything in my power to make sure that the coupons I send your way are 100% legit. There are only certain sites I use to print coupons from.

Another word of advice if you don't know first hand where the coupon came from, I highly recommend just not using it. I would rather lose one good sale, then to lose the use of coupons forever.

There ends my rant! :)

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