Saturday, June 12, 2010

Purchase Items You DON'T Need to Get Items You DO Need

Sorry, I have not blogged in quite some time regarding saving during Month Two.

Today I wanted to talk to you about Money Makers (MM) &/or Overages. MM are items combined with the right coupons &/or sales will give you overage, meaning you get money back in your pocket. Most stores won't give you money back if your final sales is negative (meaning when the store owes you money for buying rather than you owing them money).  I like to try and take advantage of such situations by then purchasing items that may be more expensive or items that tend to have coupons (such as produce & meat). MM will actually pay or at least help pay for items that you are in need of purchasing.

Here's a great recent example of this. Publix had a Store Coupon (SQ) for -$5/2 for either Phazyme or Sominex (and some other meds). Then you could print of Q for -$2/1 for Phazyme and one for Sominex. Here's how this looked:

2-Phazymes ($3.49ea) = $6.98
   -use one SQ -$5/1
   -use two MFQ -$2/1
   -Total: -$2.02 (overage/MM)

The above example now leaves you room to purchase some items such as produce. Let's throw in some corn, that is on sale at Publix:

9- Ears of Corn (8/$2 or $.25ea)
    -Total: $2.25
With 2 Phazymes and 9 ears of corn pay only $.23 for everything, that's a savings of 97%!

Having used the above example, let's put this in prospective. You may NOT have needed the Phazymes but because they provided overage they are also paying for your produce that you DO need.

Here's my recommendation. Be on the lookout for overage/MM items, these are key to assisting you with purchasing items you do need. The more overage items you have the more Need Items you will be able to purchase with little to no money out of pocket.

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