Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer of Swag Starts Today!!

Today begins the Summer of Swag and to get things kicked off Swagbucks is offering an extra 20 Swagbucks to those of you who have not yet signed up. Meaning you can automatically get 50 Swagbucks just for signing up today thru June 11. Go right now and sign up Swagbucks and enter the code: SUMMEROFSWAG.

Swagbucks is an EASY way to earn points and then cash in those points for gift certificates or other prizes. There is no obligation and it is only a search engine just like google or yahoo. But with Swagbucks you earn points for searching the web, taking daily polls, and through special offers (there is a NO OBLIGATION special offer where you can earn one swagbuck every day, without having to sign up for anything. You'll skip through between 3-6 offers, and at the end you will receive one free swagbuck).

Click Here to sign up today if you haven't. And if you have right now is a great time to keep searching more chances of winning bigger Swagbucks today. And lots of codes will be released throughout the day. So get to searching, and get to earning! Let me know if you win big today!

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