Friday, June 18, 2010

Today's Shopping Trip: Publix (three time), CVS, & Staples

 Today I ventured out and bought $161.76 worth of groceries and other items. I made a trip to Staples, and, not on purpose, ended up making three trips to Publix.  My first trip I bought the wrong Tostito Tortilla Chips. The ones that were BOGO were the family size ones.  When I was looking over my receipt I noticed they didn’t ring up correctly, I called the store and they told me I probably got the wrong size, sure enough. So, I returned the smaller bags for the larger family size bags and got money back, go figure ;).

Here’s everything I bought:

PUBLIX (first trip):
6- Nature’s Own Butterbread (2/$4)
                -Q: -$.75/1 Nature’s own Bread, any – PRINT (use zip code 23322) - used 6
                -Paid: $1.25ea

2- Arnold Breads (BOGO $3.69)
                -Q: NONE (oh no J)
                -Paid: $1.84ea

2- Fresh Express Salad Bags (BOGO $3.69)
                -Q: NONE (oh no J)
                -Paid: $1.84ea

4- Premium Tomatoes ($.79lb)
               -Paid: $2.43

2- Blueberries (2/$3)
                -SQ: -$1.50/1 Publix Berries, PRINT used 2
                -Paid: FREE

1- Cantaloupe ($1.99ea)
                -SQ: -$2/1 Cantaloupe WYB 2 bags of Lay’s Chips
                -Paid: FREE

1-  Ground Chuck ($4.68)
                -SQ: -$2/1 Ground Hamburger WYB 2 bags of Lay’s Chips, from Yellow Adv. Flyer
                -Paid: $2.68

2- Green Giant Simply Steamed ($1.00ea)
                -Q: -$.50/2 Green Giant Simply Steamed- PRINT
                -Paid: $.75ea

2- GE Reveal Light Bulbs (BOGO$3.49)
                -Q: -$1/2 GE Reveal – PRINT
                -SQ: -$1.50/1 GE Reveal, Target Coupon- PRINT – used 2
                -Paid: -$.51 (overage)

2- 7th Generation Dishwashing liquid (BOGO $2.99)
                -Q: -$2/2 7th Generation – PRINT
                -Paid: $.50ea

2- Bailey’s Creamer (non-alcoholic) (BOGO $2.09)
                -Q: -$2/1 Bailey’s Crmer- PRINT used 2
                -SQ: -$.55/1 from Publix Yellow Adv. Flyer- used 2
                -Paid: -$3.01 (overage)

4- Tostitos Tortilla Chips ($3.99)I thought these were the ones on sale took them back on my 2nd & 3rd trips, UGH!
                -SQ: -$1/1 from Target – PRINT – (used 4)
                -Paid: $2.99ea after I got the right Tostitos @ BOGO $4.99 I only Paid $1.50ea

2- Lay’s Kettle Chips ($3.29ea)
                -Q: Get one free WYB 2 Tostitos Tortilla Chips (used 2)
                -Q: -$1/1 for Lay’s Kettle Chips (which now that I look I probably shouldn’t have been able to use both, but it went through, so this may or may not work for you, I think I just got lucky, or something)
                -Paid: -$2.00 (overage)

Total Groceries = $92.11
Total OOP = $29.41
Saved =  $62.70

PUBLIX (second trip):
 2- Tostito Tortilla Chips- RETURNED (-$3.99ea) I have to make another trip because I didn’t bring all the chips with me, so I am getting ready for a third trip to Publix to get the right chips.

2- Tostito Tortilla Chips, Family Size (BOGO $4.99)

2- GE Reveal Lights (BOGO  $3.49)
                -SQ: -$1.50/1 from Target - used 2

2- Blueberries (2/$3)
                -Q: -$1.50/1 - used 2

Total Groceries = $23.94 
Total OOP = -$2.62
Saved = 111%


1- Packaging Tape ($2.99)

1- Photo Mailers ($3.99)

2- HP Reams of Paper ($4.99)
                -Easy Rebate for $3.99ea

1- Book (Janet Evanovich Novel) ($5.99)

Used a Office Max $10/$25

Total Items Bought = $28.95
Total OOP: $10.60
Final after Rebate = $2.62
Savings=  91%


2- TG Lee Milks ($3.39ea)
                -Q: -$1/1 TG Lee Milk – PRINT - I only used one because that was all I had left. this coupon resets every 2 months. 

Total Groceries= $6.78
Total OOP= $1.78
Savings=  74%
PUBLIX (third trip):
2- Tostito Tortilla Chips - RETURNED (-$3.99ea)

2- Tostito Tortilla Chips, Family Size (BOGO $4.99)

Total Groceries= $9.98
Total OOP= -$3.00
Savings=  130%

$161.76- Overall Total Groceries Bought
$28.19 – Overall Total OOP
$133.57- Overall Total Saved
83% - Overall Percentage Saved

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