Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today's Shopping Trip: Walgreens & PetSmart

I ventured out today to get a couple of items. I have been seeing on other posts that the Bengay Massage was on sale for $4.72 (regularly priced at $8.99). I went yesterday and did not see this price being adverted at either my Walgreens and I scoped out a couple near my house. I have been REALLY wanting to try this product and figured I would use my $2.50RR from last week to score some at a lower price, with the -$5/1 Bengay Massage Coupon (although I am hearing this is no longer $5 off instead $3).

I piled my kids in the car and headed out to score some free & cheap dog treats at PetSmart and some cheap Bengay Massage at Walgreens. We stopped at Walgreens first we went in I grabbed the Bengay priced at $8.99 and some eggs for $.99.  Had both my $5 off coupon and my $2.50RR handed the lady my two products and she says to me that I won't need the $2.50RR because the Bengay is ringing up at $4.99. I was so excited. I was all prepared to pay $2.48 for everything and instead I only paid $.98 for both items. I turned around and grabbed another Bengay and some cracker jacks that were on sale for $.50ea for all three of my kiddos.  And paid a $1.49 for the second transaction. I was thrilled.

I then headed over to PetSmart to get some of the Hill's Science Diet treats that are on sale for $2.50ea (regularly $4.99ea), I used 2 of the -$3/1 Hills Diet Treats I got three of them thinking PetSmart might not let me do the overage thing. So for three items that would normally have cost me about $15 OOP, I spent $1.98 OOP for all three after sale and coupons. I was thrilled about that as well!

Here's the break down of today's trip:

Total Groceries: $21.22
Total OOP: $2.47 (Savings of 88%)

Total Groceries: $14.97
Total OOP: $1.99 (Savings of 86%)

Total Saved Today: $31.75 (Savings of 87%)

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