Friday, June 18, 2010

Today's Swagbuck Offer: Home Depot Garden Club & Armour All

I told you I would post free offers that you can take advantage of from Swagbucks to earn more Swagbucks

Keep in mind these are one time offers so once you have complete them you won't be able to get them again. You will find these offers in the middle of the hompage where it says "Special Offers"

Today I wanted to mention about a great offer, if you haven't already signed up, is Home Depot's Garden Club. You can earn an easy 29 Swagbucks for signing up for Home Depot's Garden Club. Plus you'll receive fabulous SQ from Home Depot. So far this year I have received a BOGO for a Rose Bush, I bought two minature Rose bushes, and I am happy to say they are still alive and doing well :) I have receive other great coupons that I have been able to use. 

For another easy 3 Swagbucks, you can watch a video from Armour All, I believe it's a little over 5 mins long, and then you are awarded the 3 Swagbucks. Just by doing those two things you will get 32 Swagbucks - that's awesome!

New to Swagbucks, click here to learn more about Swagbucks and how to join.

Remember do your searching through Swagbucks. Usually you are awarded two to four times a day just for searching. 

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