Saturday, July 17, 2010

Contest: Question of The Day

To help you along in entering for the current contest, click here for details, I thought I would post a Question of The Day for all of you to answer, and it will also get you entered into the drawing once we reach 100 'likes' on Facebook

What your your TWO favorite stores to shop at and save, and a quick why?

Mine are Publix and CVS. Because they both are coupon friendly, and I almost never have any issues with customer service or getting the best deals. 

You can leave your answer either on the blog site or Facebook. 


  1. I love shopping at Walmart because they seem to rotate their stock regularly, have great deals on pantry items and carry quite a wide variety of products. Another store I love to shop at is of course Amazon. I signed up for their "daily deal" email so I get a heads up on all the discounted items and I love the free shipping on orders over $25.
    asmithonline at yahoo dot ca

  2. I like Meijers and our local glens. I like them both because they double the coupon. Sometimes Glens even doubles the $1!