Monday, July 19, 2010

Pick Only a Few Blogsites

I follow a few blogsites in a my adventure of couponing, some more than others. Here are my top favorites, that I follow daily:

I Heart Publix
Totally Target
Wild For Wags
Addicted to Saving

I have a couple others that I follow but not as closely as I do these four mentioned above.

Every blog site out there offers their own unique twist to saving money and great ways to do so. There are quite a few out there, and it can become overwhelming, but what I recommend is to pick your top four blogsites to follow daily and stick with those.

Here are the top 5 things you should look for when choosing a good site to works for you.
  1. Current information:
    • do they post daily or at least ever other day?
  2. Legit Information
    • are they posting information that is legit both legally and morally?
  3. Valid Information
    • are the savings they blog about relevant to your shopping needs and the stores you shop?
  4. Enjoyable Information
    • is their site enjoyable to you, do you like following this site? this is important otherwise you will lose interest and could miss out on great deals.
  5. Teachable Information
    • are you able to learn from their site about the stores you shop from, such as store policies, and how to best save
There are several ways to follow your favorite sites:
  • Sign up for daily emails
  • Follow them on twitter &/or facebook
  • Check their blog site a couple times a day
  • Load their blog feed to your feed page
There are lots and lots of sites out there. My goal with this site isn't to provide you necessarily with all the best deals at every store but I want you to learn to use the information you get from other blogs to the best of your ability and to save the most money as possible using the resources from some great blogs out there.

If you haven't been able to find at least two other great blogs (aside from mine ;), please let me know what stores you shop, and I have some online resources that I can find you some blogs that will hopefully help you along this couponing journey!

What are your favorite blog sites and why?

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