Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another So-So Shopping Trip At Publix!

I did alright today. I wish I could stop blogging that my shopping trips were ok, but I think it's just life, and shows that there are times when we do great and times we do ok. Granted my ok days now are FAR better than my pre-coupon days. My pre-coupons days I would have walked out of the store having spent at least $150 if not $200. Now my so-so days I walk out spending $73, so in retrospect I can't complain a whole lot. :)

My cashier, who is also an assistant manager, was surprised when my total was so much. She said, "Wow! I have never seen you spend so much. You are one of my best couponers, I'm surprised!" I told her I know that I just didn't get a chance over the summer to stock up like I normally could with kids around, usually I spend around $40, give or take.

I am working on my list and will have it post later today. I saved $131, for a 64% savings. But I got seriously stocked up on some items I have been waiting and waiting for a good sale and good coupon and I was finally able to. As soon as I get everything together I will post my Publix trip today.

How was your week, how much did you save??

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