Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Intro to InboxDollars.com

I often mention InboxDollars.com, and I have a very quick intro on my page Other Ways to Save & Earn, but I think I should spend a little more time telling you about InboxDollars.com and why I am such a fan. 

First of all before signing up and as a Couponer, I highly recommend opening a separate email account devoted to all your coupons and other savings you will do online now that you have entered this new experience. You will be inundated with spam and junk mail (although some not junk anymore ;), when you sign up for offers and coupons. DO NOT use your personal email for these offers, it will get bogged down.

Second of all, I want to make this note, you will NOT get rich quick with this, it is a good way to earn and save some extra money, especially with coupons, and some great deals. Otherwise, I am not trying to mislead you into thinking you'll make a ton of money through this site.

Finally, I am in now way affiliated with InboxDollars.com, these opinions are 100% mine!

 InboxDollars.com is my favorite for a few reason. I get paid for every email they send me (I believe it's about $.02 for every email, again you don't get rich quick but over time this adds up. I would say 98% of the time the offers they send me I just open, receive my $.02, and close the offer. Every once in awhile there are some really good deals that come along, and I, personally find, worth my while purchasing. Usually these deals that are sent to my inbox, come with money back in my InboxDollars.com account.

I have to admit that for me to purchase an offer, the deals have to be either free or money makers (MM) for me, but not all the time. I tend to get some great deals through Vista Print, with great money back offers through InboxDollars.com. I have gotten lots of FREE offers through Vista Print, and received $5 back in my InboxDollars.com account. I may purchase through them once every couple of months.

Here's what I LOVE about InboxDollars.com, for every coupon I redeem by printing through their site I am given $.10 back in my InboxDollars.com account. Now, having said that, it does take awhile to receive that redemtion. They credit you $1 for every 10 coupons you redeem, and it takes at least three months for InboxDollars.com to be notified that your coupons have been redeemed. Depending how often you redeem and how many it could take awhile to see this credit. These are Coupons.com coupons you are printing. So, any time I print from Coupons.com, I print through my InboxDollars.com account to receive that additional $.10 back. I try and make note of this when I post coupons to be printed.

You will receive a check once you earn $20 in your  InboxDollars.com account. It take some time, but I think it is worth it overall. You receive some extra money just for opening emails, extra money for redeeming coupons you are going to use anyways, and extra money for some amazing deals on other products.

You can take surveys and other things if you wish. You can make this what you want it to be. I am pretty laid back about it, and in three months received a check for around $34, and will receive another $20 in a couple weeks.

Again not a get rich scheme, but I have come to really enjoy it and think you will too. Try it out, open a separate email account. You can click on any of the banners or the links I have provided to get signed up today. And you will earn $5 as a sign up bonus! As long as you stay active and after receiving your first check, they will give you another sign up bonus.

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