Friday, August 6, 2010

A Quick Snippet of Some Great Deals at Winn-Dixie & Albertsons

I'm sure I have mentioned this before but for the most part I have two main stores Publix and CVS. I always find the best deals and save the most at both stores. If we ever move and there are no Publix's or CVSs, I will be a sad, sad girl. Not that other stores don't have great deals but those are my stores.

Anyhow, having said that, I made out tonight at Winn-Dixie and Albertson's tonight. I haven't stepped foot in an Albertson's in probably over 6 years, at least. BUT I saw that they were have a fantastic deal that I just couldn't pass up, actually a couple. And Winn-Dixie is having a very similar deal, so I went and did great.

Tomorrow I am heading out to Publix which I know I will make out like a bandit tomorrow after the great deals I got at Publix and Albertsons, and also from Walgreens.

I'm not going to give you all the 'dirty' details tonight but I am going to share with you the great deals I think you should all take advantage of, that is if you live near a Albertson's or Winn-Dixie or both.

8 - Kellogg's Cereals ($3.00ea) after the instant $10 savings these were only $2.00ea
-$1/2 Kellogg's Cereals - used 1
-$1.25/3 Kellogg's Cereals - used 2
Receive an instant $10 off wyb 10 participating Kellogg Prdcts
2 - Pop Tarts, 12pk ($3.00ea) after the instant $10 savings these were only $2.00ea
-$1/2 Pop Tarts - used 1
Receive an instant $10 off wyb 10 participating Kellogg Prdcts
2 - Nutrigrain Bars  ($3.00ea) after the instant $10 savings these were only $2.00ea
-$1/2 Pop Tarts - used 1
Receive an instant $10 off wyb 10 participating Kellogg Prdcts
13 - Hunt's Canned Tomatoes ($1.00)
-$.45/3 Hunt's Canned Tomatoes from SS 8/1 - used 4
-$3/3 SQ from Albertson's Ad wyb 13 ConAgra Prdcts

After checking out I received a $10 MFQ from the catalina for a future shopping trip, which I can also use at Publix, which I will tomorrow :)


4 - Keebler Crackers (BOGO $2.69) - no coupons
2 - Oreo Cookies ($2.99ea) - these are normally $3.59ea

B1G1 Nabisco Cookies wyb 1 Gallon of Milk - used one (took off -$3.59 for the Oreos- Whoo-Hoo!)

4 - Kellogg Cereals ($4.99ea)
-$1/2 Kellogg Cereals - used 2
WD Meal Deal: Buy 3 (three) participating Kellogg Cereals & Get the following FREE:
2 - Pop Tarts (1 FREE from Meal Deal - $3.99 for the other one)
-$1/2 Pop Tarts - used 1
1 - WD Gallon of Milk (FREE from Meal Deal)
1 - Ready to Serve Bacon (FREE from Meal Deal)
1 - WD 1/2 Gallon Orange Juice (FREE from Meal Deal)

Since the milk was free the Oreos were on sale, in essence I only paid $2.99 for 2 bags of cookies and a gallon of milk!

PLUS - wyb 10 participating Kelloggs Prdcts you receive a $10 MFQ good for your next shopping trip! Again this can be used at Publix, which I will also use tomorrow when I go to Publix!!

Ok - I know this is going to sound a bit overwhelming but let's break down what I did at Winn-Dixie. I combined a few deals into one, which gave me the greatest amount of savings.

1. First Deal: WD Meal Deal (Buy 3 Kellogg Cereals get FREE: 1 Pop Tart, 1 Gallon of Milk, 1 Ready to serve bacon, and 1 half gallon of O.J.)

2. Second Deal: I then took advantage of the FREE milk from the First Deal and the discounted Oreos. I used the Nabisco Coupon from their Facebook page they offer once a month, where you can get a free package of Nabisco cookies wyb 1 pk of Nabisco cookies and 1 gallon of milk. Since the milk was FREE from the First Deal, I only had to pay for one bag of discounted cookies!

3. Third Deal: Buy 10 participating Kellogg's Prdcts and receive a $10 off coupon for your next visit. I also combined this deal with the First Deal, since I had to buy at least 3 Kellogg cereals, I threw in an extra cereal, and I received a FREE pop-tart pk and threw in another pop-tart pk. I needed at least 10 items so I bought some Keebler crackers that were already BOGO and I didn't have any coupons but still a good deal. And I received a $10 MFQ after I checked out!

 Spent: $47  Saved: $84 (64%)
Tomorrow I will post everything I spent and saved after I go to Publix. After Publix my savings will go up even more once I am able to apply both of these great MFQs I received at both stores. I am excited and can't wait to share my savings with all of you! 

Also, I think this is good to point out how I have also stocked up significantly on many items. I bet I end up giving a lot of this away to family, friends, and neighbors. But this is how you stockpile, you take advantage of the great deals and stock up when prices and deals are at their highest. :)

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