Friday, August 27, 2010

Shopping Trip: CVS

I hit up CVS today and did several transactions and a couple of stores, because the stores I went to didn't have ALL the items I was looking for, ugh! Oh well! It worked out the same.

Here's the Rundown on what I bought and How:

First Transaction:
Buy: 1 - Tylenol Precise Cream ($7.99)
Use: 1 (one) -$2 MFQ AND 1 (one) -$2 CVS Q
OOP: $3.99
Receive: $3ecb
Final: $.99

Transaction 2:
Buy: 1 - Tylenol Precise Patch ($7.99)
Use: 1 (one) -$2/1 MFQ AND 1 (one) -$2 CVS Q AND $3ecb from 1st Transaction
OOP: $.99
Receive: $3ecb
Final: $2.01MM

Transaction 3:
Buy: 1 - Crest Pro-Heal Mouth Wash ($3.49)
Use: $3ecb from 2nd Transaction (I didn't have a Q on me)
OOP: $.49
Receive: $2.50ecb
Final: $2.01MM

Transaction 4:
Buy: 1 - Listerine Zero Mouth Wash ($3.99)
Use: 1 (one) -$2 MFQ AND $2.50Ecb from 3rd Transaction
OOP: ZERO (cashier adjusted the ECB, which i don't normally do, but it was ok)
Receive: $2ecb
Final: $2.00MM

Transaction 5:
Buy: 1 - Blink Gel Tears ($7.99)
Use: 1 (one) -$1.50/1 MFQ AND $2.00Ecb from 4th Transaction
OOP: $4.49
Receive: $7.99ecb
Final: $3.50 MM

Grand Total in Purchases: $31.45
Grand Total OOP: $9.96
Grand Total Savings: $21.49 (68%)
Total ECBS: $7.99 (94% savings)

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