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Stockpiling 101 - Stockpile Price Points: How do I know the right price to Stockpile an Item? - Part Four

STOCKPILE PRICE POINTS: How Do I Know The Right Prices to Stockpile?
We have been talking about Stockpiling, and so far we have discussed the following:
     1.  Part One:   What is Stockpiling?
     2.  Part Two:   Why is Stockpiling Important?
     3.  Part Three: Build Up: How Do I Create a Stockpile?
If you have not read the following articles you may want to start there before reading today's post.

Today we will discuss Stockpile Price Points, and to know the best prices for stockpiling, especially for High Ticketed Items (HTI). As a rule of thumb a good stockpile percentage point is at least 75% less than the original price. We touched on this a bit in Part Three. However, as also mentioned, it is important to note that HTIs are hard to come by 75% or more off their original price. As a quick refresher, these items include:

  • Meat
  • Paper Products (paper towels, toilet paper, napkins)
  • Laundry Products (detergent, fabric softener, fabric sheets)
  • Dish-washing Detergent
  • OTC Medicines
There are certainly times you can find great sales with great coupons for HTIs. But it is a bit more than most other products. For these products here are my Price Points that I consider Stockpile worthy:

1. MEAT 

  • Chicken 
    • Breasts: $1.99lb or less
    • Thighs, Drumsticks, or Quarters: $.89 or less
    • Whole: $.99lb or less
  • Beef
    • Ground: $1.99lb or less
    • Steak: $5.99lb or less
    • Round Roast or Steaks: $2.69lb or less
    • Cubed Steak: $2.59lb or less
    • Ribs: $2.59lb or less
    • Brisket: $2.99lb or less
  • Pork:
    • Center Cut Pork Chops: $2.49lb or less
    • Bone in Chops: $1.99lb or less
    • Roast: $2.69lb or less
    • Ground: $1.99lb or less
    • Spareribs: $2.69lb or less
    • Bacon: $2.50 package or less
2. Paper Products

  • Paper Towels: $4.50, 6pk or less ($.75 roll or less)
  • Toilet Paper: $4.50, 12pk or less ($.37 roll or less)
3. Laundry Products

  • Detergent (this can vary depending on the Brand)
    • Tide Brand: $6.99 for 100oz  or 50% off - tide is the most expensive brand, and in my book the best
    • All Brand: $1.50 or less for 32 loads (I have to say though I can find this at $.99 a bottle quite often)
      • Those are the only two brands I purchase so I am not sure on the other brands. But I would say at least 60% off on laundry detergent is acceptable price. 
  • Fabric Softener: $1.50 or less
  • Fabric Sheets: $1.50 or less
  • Tide Stain Release: $3.99 or less for the small size OR $5.99 or less for the large sizes
  • Bleach: $.99gallon or less
4. OTC Medicines: all prices are based on the smallest sizes available

  • Motrin or Advil: $1.99 or less 
  • Heartburn Medications: $5.99 or less 
  • Allergy Meds: $9.99 or less
  • Asprin: $.99 or less (I have seen these for Free frequently)
5. Dishwashing Detergent: $2.99 or less

All other items are worthy of stocking up on when they are at least 75% off. Items that are at least 40% off are worthy of Needs List.

When items hit 90% or more off, go wild and buy as much as you need for a good three to four months worth, or the length of the their shelf life, which ever happens first. Especially if both a high value coupon and great sale happen at the same time.

High value coupons are the best and if you come across some be sure to try and hang on to them for as long as you can until a great sale comes along to use them with. Don't be in a rush to run out and use the coupon right away, unless of course you score an amazing deal!

Usually anything over $1.00 is considered high value, but it depends on the product. Also, B1G1 coupons are considered high value, as these often times can get you two FREE items, and/or overage.

Tomorrow we finish this series with Clear Out and Make Room: Where Do I Put My Stockpile?

Please if you have any questions feel free to email or leave a comment for me. I love hearing from my readers. 

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  1. This is a very interesting post! I never thought about items like this before but it really makes sense now that you lay it all out. I should stockpile laundry detergent more often because I run out and end up paying far too much.