Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ulta's Photo Show & Tell

Here is all the makeup I bought from Ulta today for only $18.46 (w/tax). They have a fabulous deal that for $17.50 you can purchase $109.96 worth of Ulta makeup. 

The Makeup Bag - Cute!
Here's how it works. You pick out enough items to total at least $17.50, there is an in ad Q for $3.50 off, you can then get your choice of two small gift bags containing $88 dollars worth of makeup, which comes with 2 cases of 4 shades of shadows, a bronzer, a blush, 4 makeup tools, 2 nail polishes, 1 tube of lipstick, 1 two shades of lip gloss, 1 eye liner with two shades on both ends, a little mirror, and a cute makeup bag. I picked out the eye makeup remover (which I have been needing) & 2 more shades of eye shadow. My total came to $21, I used the $3.50 off coupon, to make it $17.50 w/tax it was $18.46. This is a GREAT deal! You can't beat this.

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