Friday, September 3, 2010

For Everyone's Sake Keep it Legit: Coupon Fraud

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to take a second to remind all of my loyal readers about the proper use of coupons. A friend and reader stated on the FB site that the $5/5 Kraft Coupon was not legit, that it is a fraud. First off, the link I have provided for all of you is a legit link, and it is a legit coupon. However, having said that it only takes a few to do something stupid to ruin it for the rest of those who follow the rules.

Do NOT ever, under ANY circumstances photo copy your printed coupons. There are reasons companies only allow for a certain number of prints per computer. Plus this is illegal and the companies keep tabs on what computers and the number of coupons coming from computers and they can, and will trace back any coupons that are not legit back to you and will press charges. Aside from personal consequences, there can also be devasting circumstances for everyone. As this can cause major changes in store policies, and stores can stop accepting internet printed coupons. And I am quite sure none of us want this type of thing to place.

If a store is being scammed, they have the right to reject certain coupons even if they are legit. This happens with High Value and Hot Coupons, please don't ruin this for everyone by using fraud coupons.

I know how much we all enjoy getting our groceries discounted and getting fabulous deals. If you have more than one computer per home you can print more coupons. Or you can ask neighbors, friends, family to use their computer as well. If you only have access to one computer, just print what you can and be happy with you are able to receive.

I don't mean to sound overly harsh, but as a blogger who encourages the use of coupons and sales, I want to make it absolutely clear that I do not condone this kind of behavior from any of my readers. Fraud is not ok, ethically or legally. So, PLEASE, for everyone sake keep it legit! Enjoy the coupons you can get and the savings you will receive from them.

Thanks everyone for listening to me rant. But this serious stuff and want you to all be informed. Now back to your regularly scheduled savings!

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!!! :)

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