Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekly Grocery Totals: Publix & Walgreens

I am posting my Weekly Totals a little differently now. You can now view them through Google Documents, and I am providing a LINK for you to go and view them, with all the details. I have not finished inputting everything quite yet. But, they are started, hopefully I will have everything done by tomorrow.

Publix I Spent a little over $32 and Saved a little over $58. It was kind of another strange week for me. I didn't need a whole lot but took advantage of the Target Produce Coupons. As you will see I needed rice, but didn't have any of the Uncle Ben's Qs so, I sucked it up and bought them BOGO w/o Qs - (Oh My!).

I also went to Walgreens, but have not looked over my receipts and tallied everything up yet, so I have no idea the figures there. :)

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